Freyja's Fertility Pillar Candle

Freyja's Fertility Pillar Candle

Freyja's Fertility Pillar Candle

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By Sea Siren's Charms

"Freyja, (Old Norse: “Lady”), most renowned of the Norse Goddesses, who was the sister and female counterpart of Freyr and was in charge of love, fertility, battle, and death. Her father was Njörd, the Sea God. Pigs were sacred to her, and she rode a boar with golden bristles.

This beautiful pillar candle was hand-poured with green soy wax, infused with our Love Profusion and Siren's Call ritual oils, and a mint fragrance. Topped with a magickal blend of herbs and flowers associated with love, fertility, and are sacred flowers to Freyja.

Burn this pillar candle whenever you desire; they are especially helpful when wanting to connect with the Norse Goddess Freyja, while doing spellwork involving pregnancy and fertility, or growth in any other area of your life such as growth of a relationship, a goal, or a business." - SSC

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