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Goddess Voice

The layers of blue, green, white and turquoise all contribute to the serenity of this ocean-toned stone. Chrysocolla channels goddess energy to those who carry it. This calming, feminine stone draws negativity out of the home and empowers those who carry it to accept change. 

A powerful tool for all layers of communication, enabling its holder to detect when best to leave something unsaid, when to listen, and when to give advice and loving dialogue to others. An ideal companion when speakers find themselves in an angry, sarcastic, or emotionally charged environment. It promotes sarcastic, or emotionally charged environment. It also promotes empathy toward nature and the earth, and is known as a talisman for women during pregnancy and childbirth. An excellent stone for musical endeavours, and for those who teach.

Works Well For

  • Communication
  • Calm

Chakra Connections

  • Throat Chakra
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