Botswana Pink Agate

Botswana Pink Agate
Piece of Botswana Pink Agate on a wooden background.
A single piece of Botswana Pink Agate.

Botswana Pink Agate

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Have a cup of tea

The light, layered tones of this stone offer the comforting look of freshly-poured milk in a hot beverage, just before you take that first sip. Often offered to us when we're feeling down, this stone oozes comfort like a warm cup of tea. Botswana agate is an excellent transition stone, helping us cope with successes, failures, and the minor daily changes of life. This stone works gently to aid in overcoming destructive, compulsive and addictive behaviours.

Work Well For

  • Wellness

Chakra Connections

  • Heart Chakra
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