A Poet's Tarot

A Poet's Tarot

A Poet's Tarot

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‘The day is perfect. The thousand little things that go wrong make it complete. The sea is littered with dead seaweed. On the beach, shoeless, you’ve just stepped on a glob of tar; its insistent pulp clings to your toes. But you don’t care. You accept the peskiness of the fly and the distraction of the mongrel sniffing your leg. Such is the world: always more beautiful than the perfect utopias contrived by your wishes.’ – The Poet’s Tarot – by Josep Miquel Sobrer

A Poet's Tarot, an inspired lyrical journey through the tarot by the late Josep (Pep) Miquel Sobrer, has been an underground classic since its first English language publication in 1994. Sobrer's visionary writing leads you through the cards, offering a glimpse into the hearts of the tarot's characters via the power of prose. Accompanied by the stunning art of the bestselling The Luna Sol Tarot, this book makes it easy to immerse yourself in the world of the Arcana.

Both a captivating guide for deepening your understanding of the tarot and a poetic source of spiritual self-exploration, Pep's masterpiece will open the door for your own revelations!


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