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6.7 fl oz Clarity Oil Diffuser - Casaluna

6.7 fl oz Clarity Oil Diffuser - Casaluna

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This aromatherapy diffuser comes with an essential oil mix and eight reeds that help to spread the scent of the oils throughout your space. The blend of bergamot, grapefruit and ginger oils gives off a fresh, crisp and uplifting aroma that may help to calm you and bring some clarity to your day. To use, simply remove the interior seal and insert reeds into the fragranced oil. Allow 24 to 36 hours for the reeds to absorb the oil and the fragrance to diffuse, then remove the reeds and place opposite ends into oil when the scent needs a refresh.This is your invitation to create a space thats just for you. Make room to relax with Casaluna, where calm and comfort are naturally at home.

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