April 10, 17, 24, 28 2019 –┬áReiki Level 3 (Master Level Certification) with Jodi MacIntosh

This 4-part certification will consist of three weeknight and one weekend class covering all you need to know about the basics of mastery, auric & chakra work, teaching, running your own reiki business, along with a unique focus on psychic development to enrich your reiki practice, and will conclude with a day full of mind-blowing attunements, some more practice and…cheesecake!”

Certificates will be issued to all students who complete all 4 classes and homework hours of logged practice time outside of class. All worksheets, information, and materials will be provided.

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May 5 2019 – Wands of Tarot with Beth

Beth Terry continues her tarot series with the Wands of Tarot. A fiery, creative, energetic suit that allows us to explore the ins & outs of our motivations!

May 26 2019 – Magical Gardening with Beth

Beth, of Mystic Readings with Beth, is talking all things green & magickal with this course on practical and metaphysical applications for the things we grow in our gardens!

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