February 24 2019 – Reiki Level 2 with Jodi MacIntosh

Take the next step in your Reiki training with this Level 2 certification class! In this level you will:

1) Enhance your super powers with SACRED Reiki symbols. Uncover their meaning & how to use them to fine tune your gifts AND in your day to day life!

2) Learn to do distance healing. Channel your healing to someone far far away!

3) Receive ANOTHER ATTUNEMENT to open you to further gifts from the universe. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with even more superpowers!

Who knows just what we’ll uncover in you! Wear comfy clothes & bring a lunch for our lunch break.

*Please note: A Reiki Level 1 certification is required. If you received your Level 1 from a Reiki Master other than Jodi, please email a photo of your certification to info@callingcorners.com or bring the hard copy in to the shop for confirmation prior to the class date.

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March 3 2019 (NOW FULL) – Intro to Crystal Grids with Susan Coleman

  • Learn how to manifest intentions, goals, and desires through sacred geometry.
  • Apply the tenets of balance, rhythm, and harmony to construct the most powerful grid for your needs.
  • Find out what to incorporate into your crystal grid.
  • Choose the most effective sacred geometric patterns for your intention’s energy to flow.
  • Properly select crystals to match the energy flow of your geometric pattern.
  • Learn to activate your crystal grid.

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March 10 2019(NOW FULL) – Cups of Tarot with Beth

*NOW FULL -Call or email the shop to be added to a cancellation list.* Beth Terry brings this series of Minor Arcana suits: Begin your journey through the Tarot suit most synonymous with love and emotion, The Cups. Whether it is your favourite suit to see come up in a reading, or your most disliked suit, get to know it on a deeper level for a richer Tarot experience!



March 31 2019 – Angel Communications with Lisa Richard

Join Lisa Richard, as she shares meaningful techniques in connecting with your angels and spirit guides. Learn to recognize & enhance your abilities within, and understand clear & healing messages from angelic beings in your daily life.

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