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Call us to schedule your reading (902) 843-5113.

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to connect readers and seekers in the community (and beyond!) for inspiration & empowerment! Sometimes all it takes is a new tool or change of perspective to make powerful changes on your journey.

If your journey leads you to a session here, thank you and welcome! Also, please know Calling Corners is not responsible for reading content, and advice given during a reading should never substitute medical or other licensed professionals. We bring you this for entertainment purposes only – with light & love!




Mystic Readings with Beth 

Tarot: 30 Mins $40 / 60 Mins $70

Tea Leaf & Tarot: 30 Mins $50 / 60 Mins $80

*Please note: Prices are based in an individual reading. Having someone sit in with you on your reading is cool, but reading time cannot be split between two people. 


Lisa Richard, Your Angelic Connection

Angel Session: 30 Mins $50 / 60 Mins $100

Past Life Healing: 30 Mins $50 / 60 Mins $100


Reiki Sessions with Jodi MacIntosh 

60 Mins $40 / 5th session FREE!


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