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All readings & services are by appointment.

Call us to schedule your reading (902) 843-5113.

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to connect readers and seekers in the community (and beyond!) for inspiration & empowerment! Sometimes all it takes is a new tool or change of perspective to make powerful changes on your journey.

If your journey leads you to a session here, thank you and welcome! Please know Calling Corners is not responsible for reading content, and advice given during a reading should never substitute medical or other licensed professionals. For entertainment purposes only.



Mystic Readings with Beth 

Tarot: 30 Mins $40 / 60 Mins $70

Tea Leaf & Tarot: 30 Mins $50 / 60 Mins $80

*Please note: Prices are based in an individual reading. Having someone sit in with you on your reading is cool, but reading time cannot be split between two people. 


Lisa Richard- Angel Sessions

Angel Session: 30 Mins $50 / 60 Mins $100

Angel Sessions include: Messages from your angels & high-vibration guides, discovering past life blockages & basic energy clearing.


Reiki Sessions with Jodi MacIntosh 

60 Mins $40 / 5th session FREE!


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