Whether you’re interested in crystals for their healing energies or are just drawn to their beauty; there is something about these little treasures from the earth that intrigues us. We’ve listed some of our favourites below, along with some of their metaphysical properties.

We try to always carry them in-store in some form, so if you find any of the descriptions relatable to you, come in and see our stock, feel the stones in person & see which ones call to you. Please don’t be shy with questions, we love to geek out over crystals!




The truth serum

No, it’s not the name of a comic book super villain threatening a fictitious city with their latest weapon. Though the vibrant blue-green hue of this stone could easily add color to the pages of such a story. Amazonite is a companion stone for those in need of speaking their inner truths. Aiding in communication, memory, discernment and intuition, this stone’s properties all relate back to empowering one to speak personal truths and connect emotions with discourse. This soothing stone is wonderful for those with trouble setting boundaries or gaining perspective.



Phone home

This powerful combination of amethyst & citrine quartz holds more than just the pair’s beautiful plum & honey hues. The warm, igniting desire of personal power & will attributed to citrine, harmonize with the high vibrating, intuitive, spiritual nature of amethyst. Here the two meet in ametrine; where the power of intuition and the divine motivate you to take action for the highest good. Like the times you might have called home for some encouragement & direction. Ametrine works as that line of communication with spirit and your higher self. This stone is noted for destroying tendencies of self-sabotage. An excellent tool for indecisiveness & anxieties related to decision making. Amertine also aids in bringing focus & clarity of thought, and empowering one to take control of one’s life.



The spirit stone

This wine-colored stone gets its name from a Greek term meaning “not drunk” or “without drunkenness”, and as such was historically used for encouraging sobriety. Today, this extremely powerful, high frequency stone is one of the most well known! The sobering nature of the stone is seen as a tool for mindfulness, aiding in all spiritual endeavors, connecting one to the divine. Activating the Third Eye, amethyst is a strong aid in sharpening intuition, dream recall, visualization, divination, and decision-making.


Black Tourmaline

The Vampire Slayer

 Whether or not you’re a regular high school student by day, and a graveyard stalking, living-dead battling vampire slayer by night, black tourmaline channels the 90’s horror hero in us all. This grounding, coal-black talisman is known for its ability to actively repel vampiric energies in any form (like the ill-wishes of others, entities, destructive forces, self-negativity, and energetic debris). A stone famous for protection & purification with the ability to cleanse, transform, and lighten the vibration of heavy energies. Black tourmaline is known to enhance the vitality of its holder, promote self-confidence, and abate fear. It’s not a stake through the heart, but in the realm of stones this one is your secret weapon, empowering us to be our own hero.



We’re off to see the wizard

The earth-toned greens and reds of bloodstone might not look like a yellow-brick road, but there is no better stone to accompany you along any path of your journey. Historically considered a magical stone, it can aid in discovering the tool you need from within. Whether that’s heart – helping to ease a broken one; brain – soothing the mind & enhancing decision making; nerve – calming fear, dispelling conflict, and providing courage; or home – helping you to feel at home in your physical body.


Blue Tiger’s Eye

Lullaby the beast

Just as it is dressed in brown & gold; blue tiger’s eye holds the properties of mental clarity, goal completion, manifestation, and protection against ill will we associate with the brilliant stone. The blue bands, like the gold, communicate energetically to help one gain a thoughtful grasp on situations that may at first appear chaotic. This stone’s uniqueness comes from that which we often associate with the color blue – cooling. Blue tiger’s eye is connected to cooling tempers, violent emotions, and even negative physical impulses. This calming quality helps release stress, overanxious, or phobic behaviors. Blue tiger’s eye is often linked to communication, allowing us to articulate rather than lash out.


Botswana Pink Agate

Have a cup of tea

The light, layered tones of this stone offer the comforting look of milk freshly poured into a hot beverage just before we take that first sip. Often offered to us when we’re feeling down, this stone is like a cup of tea with its healing nature, especially surrounding depression. Botswana agate is an excellent transition stone, helping us cope with successes, failures, and the minor daily changes of life. This stone works gently to aid in overcoming destructive, compulsive, or addictive behaviours.



The lionheart

With its warm, rich coloring it’s not hard to see why this stone embodies the essence of courage and leadership. Carnelian is a spiritual energy drink. It is a call to action and assertiveness. Historically, this stone was worn into battle, and to make bold speakers of the shy. Today it encourages that same confidence in us, no matter what form the battlefield takes, whether a major life decision to be made or another day at the office.



Goddess Voice

 The layers of blue, green, white, and turquoise all contribute to the serenity of this ocean-toned stone. Chrysocolla channels goddess energy to those who carry it. This calming, feminine stone draws negativity out of the home, and empowers those who carry it to accept change. A powerful tool for all layers of communication; enabling its holder to detect when best to leave something unsaid, when to listen, and when to give advice & loving dialogue to others. An ideal companion when speakers find themselves in an angry, sarcastic, or emotionally charged environment. It promotes empathy toward nature and the earth, and is known as a talisman for women during pregnancy and childbirth. An excellent stone for musical endeavors, and for those who teach.



Don’t dream it, be it!

This honey-colored stone carries the energetic vibes of the sun’s rays. It carries all of the optimism & happiness that comes with sunny summer days. Citrine recharges us and gets our creative juices flowing! Not only does it encourage imagination, it’s powerful energizing quality makes us ready for action; making it a perfect stone for manifestation.


Clear Quartz

The super computer

Often referred to as a natural computer, this well-known crystal contains every color within it. Because of this, it’s able to access the energies found in all colors making it a completely universal stone. In keeping with its computer persona, clear quartz can be programmed with intention, where other stones have established metaphysical properties. This pure and powerful mineral is perfect for divination, healing, meditation and amplification of other energies.


Desert Rose

Just like in the postcard

Its name instantly conjures up peaceful & beautiful feelings. Like a snapshot on a postcard of a warm climate paradise; this mysterious selenite stone is powerful in its ability to take us to a place we envision in our mind – making it a perfect stone for any divination, meditation, or past-life work. Desert rose is also known for its positive connections in business matters, encouraging success and neutralizing work-related stress.



The tidy tutor

How are you supposed to get any work done with all that clutter?! This colorful stone helps to dispel negative energy, reorganize chaotic thoughts, and purify mind, body and soul. Fluorite is the perfect study buddy, aiding in comprehension, focus, and clear thinking.



The startup

Its namesake coming from its likeness to the juicy seeds of a pomegranate, garnet’s energetic nature is about seizing what is fresh and tangible in life. Considered a stone for business and professional successes on the one hand. On the other, it’s a relationship stone with connections to love and sex drive. Enhancing survival instinct, sharpening sense self & others, encouraging vitality, and helping in getting things started are all attributed to garnet. In keeping with its fruitful image, this is a stone to help one decide when, in life, the juice is worth the squeeze.


Green Aventurine

Lady Luck

The appearance of this feminine green stone personifies her prosperity qualities, often lending her assistance to situations where our actions don’t have much to do with the outcome. A known stone for luck, prosperity, and opportunity she is the perfect friend to bring along to a job interview or first date. Her nurturing & humorous nature also makes her a wonderful companion for the growth of young children when placed on a nursery shelf.



You Can Call me Al

Paul Simon anyone? What better way to introduce Hematite – the bodyguard of stones. Know for its powerful grounding & protective quality, this dark silver stone has the look and effect of armor on our body, mind, and spirit. Hematite helps us strengthen & stabilize our physical bodies. It strongly encourages confidence, self-esteem and survival in the mind. Spiritually speaking, this stone is a shield against negative energy trying to invade our aura.



The chill pill

We’re all familiar with this idiom, and might have (embarrassingly) said it ourselves back in the day. This stone acts as just that! With it’s calming milky coloring, Howlite helps to neutralize aggressive emotions whether yours, or someone else sending those rage-vibes your way. A perfect stone to aid in meditation. Under your pillow, this stone can be a great sleeping tool to relax a restless mind.



Oh the places you’ll go!

 If ever there was a message of well wishes for the beginning of a journey; this rich, green talisman would be it. Jade is a stone of love & nurture, empowering its holder with positivity & protection no matter where in the world they find themselves. Attracting good luck, friendship, and helping to balance emotions are all attributes of this stone. Jade is about the discovering wisdom through tranquility & gathering insight from dreams. This stone is a brilliant tool of self-navigation, promoting self-sufficiency and connecting one to their inner truths, reminding us of the poetic prompt of Dr. Seuss, “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go!”



The Chameleon

 The metaphysical nature of this proudly Canadian stone (discovered in Labrador) is akin to the delicate reptile. The way a chameleon changes its physical appearance with the use of color to thrive in its environment; the iridescent green, blue, orange, and silver hues of labradorite change us at an auric level to thrive spiritually & mentally in ours. Known as a stone of transformation for that very reason. Often used for mastering the self, and dissolving desire to control others. Similarly, it can be used as a tool to prevent others from accessing your personal energy and weakening you. Historically considered a tool for all things “magic”; this stone is a powerful aid in intuition, psychic ability, communication with spirit guides, and past life recall. A facilitator & protector from those on astral or other-dimensional journeys.



The thoughtful lady

Radiating Goddess energy, this dreamy-hued stone is all about feminine power and intuition. Just as the moon phases grow lighter & brighter with an approaching full moon; this stone casts the same ethereal light onto the cycles of our own lives, illuminating insights about our emotions and perspective. An excellent stone to accompany any divination tools or as a talisman for women.



The Firestarter

 Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold”, this masculine stone’s true namesake comes from a Greek word meaning “fire” because of it’s ability to generate sparks when struck against metals. That spark is really the nature of pyrite, as it’s warming and stimulating affect is known to increase vitality in those who carry it. It’s ability to ignite a spiritual & mental fire within you, makes this stone ideal for situations requiring studious focus; when one needs to come out of their shell; and where strong will is needed. An excellent protection talisman against manipulation and high-risk work environments. It inspires its holder to protect others.


Red Jasper

The life coach

Its opaque brick-red color provides a reflection when looked upon. Really it’s this reflective quality that is the nature of red jasper. This honest stone represents our earthy, physical qualities & encourages us to take a realistic approach to ourselves. Aiding in exercise, weightlifting, pregnancy, and sexual matters, this is a great stone for any body-related support. It’s grounding abilities help with dream recall and maintaining discipline in physical & creative endeavors.



Inner child’s play

As other stones of this color; the often-cherry pinks of rhodochrosite instantly conjure the concept of love. However, the compassionate, loving frequency of this particular stone calls to your inner child. This stone of deep self-love is noted for helping bring emotional pains to the surface of your consciousness, so they can be acknowledged & released. Rhodochrosite’s energies insist we face truths in order to remove those suffocating masks we wear that weigh us down, muffling our true self. This nurturing stone is also noted for anti-anxiety, anti-stress, alleviating depression, encouraging creativity & dynamic thought, and reminding you to listen to – and play with – the inner child you find when you look within.



Tender is the night

Rhodonite combines the hues of love and the night sky. This stone is about taking a tender approach to our emotions, no matter how chaotic. With a powerful healing energy, rhodonite is the perfect companion during times of emotional self-destruction, insecurity, and codependency. It’s often associated with helping to bring one’s inner gifts to light, and adapting them in ways to help and heal others. This stone promotes calmness & forgiveness and is particularly useful for mantra-work.


Rose Quartz

Let my love open the door

…to your heart! Was that a Pete Townshend reference in a crystal description? Yes it was! Is it any wonder, though, being that rose quartz is the love song of the stones? This powerful pink stone is all about romantic love, self-love, every and all kinds of love. It opens the heart however it is needed – whether healing from grief or trying to attract new (or amplify existing) romance.


Smoky Quartz

The Neutralizer

 The transparent brown (or deep gray) tones of this crystal really embody its powerful, yet gentle influence. An ideal grounding stone, smoky quartz absorbs negative energies either from the atmosphere, or as a blockage in one’s auric field, and sends it into the earth where the negativity can be cleared & transformed naturally. As a result, one who carries smoky quartz is likely to find it alleviates resentments or unspoken conflicts, mitigates nightmares, relieves fear & depression, pacifies the mind, and produces emotional calmness. This crystal is also well known to aid in patients & focus. Because of the nature of its properties, smoky quartz should be cleansed regularly.


Snowflake Obsidian

Mirror, mirror

Obsidian in its pure black form is an excellent scrying stone. Its fast-acting abilities are likely due to its molten lava birth, cooling so quickly it doesn’t crystalize. This powerful truth-telling stone, draws your shadow-self to the surface & makes clear any past issues yet to be overcome. Snowflake obsidian shares this ability; but with its softer, snow-white flakes, it offers a gentler energy when showing us these inner truths. This stone draws emotions to the surface and supports our navigation of them. It teaches us not to deny our true selves. This stone attunes us to our environments & promotes our psychic sensitivities.



About the author

The deep, soulful blue color of sodalite can draw you in like a good book. This stone is all about communication and intuition. Like a storyteller, sodalite helps to sort out ideas with clarity and speak effectively with others. The perfect companion for meditation, divination, public speaking, or if you find yourself a little awkward in those social situations where you’d rather be home cuddling your cat & reading a new book.


Tiger’s Eye

Team captain

This bold yellow-gold & brown stone is equal parts grounding and action. Like a team captain, it encourages working with & allowing help from others, rather than going it alone. Tiger’s Eye is a stone committed to clearing the mind’s chaos by connecting scattered thoughts into coherence. Aside from it’s obvious outer beauty, the properties of this stone connect us with our own inner beauty and talents; promoting confidence and practicality, making us truly feel like part of this epic team that is being alive!



My ‘Om’ buddy

This beautiful earthy-colored stone brings together nurturing green with the loving hue of pink. Known as a vision stone, Unakite brings clarity to self-visualizations, and unlocks psychic ones. Its balancing capabilities help to even emotional & spiritual matters. It is the perfect companion to any type of healing work with its ability to release energy blockages and combat bad habits.


White Opal

Karmic Sundae

This creamy-colored stone almost looks like it came off an ice-cream scoop. In many ways, opal functions as a cosmic version of the tasty treat. Calming & soothing, opal is a wonderful companion in situations of anxiety & emotional pain. Noted for clearing the mind and uplifting the spirit. Its gentle frequency is perfect for those overwhelmed by the powers of more intense stones. Known to enhance cosmic consciousness & is connected with the lesson of what you put out comes back. Opal is a stone that loves working with sensitive souls. It can help one get in tune with their emotional self, past & present – making it a perfect stone for past life healing.

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