The Witch with NO (Green) Thumbs! – What do you do & how do you feel when you can’t grow shit?


My heart sunk as I walked into my living room to find my morning glory gone from a vibrant, glowing personality to a balding, sickly yellow. Or when the browning, thinning stems overtook the lush, leafy greens of my penny black flowers. It really sucked. I thought I was providing them with all their needs: organic plant food, paying more attention to their water & sunlight regimen than my own. I’ve heard many a witch crack a joke about their lack of green thumb. While not all of them garden, there is a strong desire among the lion’s share of the witchy world to be close with the earth’s luscious flora.


With so many of my main witches heading off to college, and my own recent flowering foibles, it seemed like the perfect time to share ideas on drawing those delicious plant-based vibes into your space, even if (like me) you’re not so great with real plants.



1   Start with already grown plants.

The plants I’ve done the absolute BEST with are those gifted to me already grown. My bamboo palm is lush and my orchid is popping up pinks & purples at popcorn speed. These are varieties you can easily find in the flower isle of the grocery store or garden centre. Usually the instructions are simple & they the plants seem to flourish with little attention (the cats of the plant world!).


Because they were gifted, that sentiment is imprinted on their energy. This imprinted energy is AWESOME for spellcasting! Simply harvest a small portion of the plant and use fresh or dried in your work! I include cut flowers in this too, since they don’t last long, and depending on who the sender is & the flower’s properties, they work great dried out and mystickally upcycled!


Basic examples:

  • Flowers given from a romantic partner = love magick
  • Flowers given for housewarming = home protector
  • Flowers you buy yourself = empowerment or goddess/god related workings, glamour, confidence
  • Flowers given for a new job = prosperity stuff


2   Talk to your plants.
I always say good morning and good night to my indoor plants. And when in doubt I let them rock out. That wasn’t supposed to be a rhyming sentence, but no way I’m taking that gem out! Playing music for them really uplifts the whole space, plant babies included! I usually opt for something upbeat, like “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Jay and the Americans. It did wonders for Groot when he needed to escape a Ravager faction, so I figure it can be just as useful for my sage plant or lemon balm.


3   Google that shit.
It’s easy to get disheartened if you don’t instinctively know, or intuit, or have a passed down education of what a plant might be looking for from you. That might sound silly to some, but for a few witches, it can feel like they aren’t “doing it right”. To which I say, that’s (hocus) bogus! Practicing intuition is fun, freeing, and amazing when you see yourself improving. But not being great at it or not feeling connected to other living creatures in that 3rd eye kinda way, doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Some people have more natural strengths in that realm, sure. But not feeling those kinds of feels, and not being able to “read” the plant doesn’t say anything about your skills or your value as a witch or as a human..or anything for that matter.
Nothing wrong with adding a little Google to your Grimoire game. Aside from the obvious: that it can educate you in the particular plant you’re caring for, it also shows you that many other people share the same plant woes. Asking for help is enlightening in ways you might not expect. This is how I learned to go toe-to-toe with the spider mites invading my morning glory.


4   Forgo the real thing (for now) and get symbolic!

If you’re a witch in any way, I know you feel me on the symbolism thing. But how this looks is up to you!


Some things that give me serious plant vibes are bringing lush, green, clean home décor into a space with duvets, blankets, pillows or curtains outfitted with healing plant designs. With this style of print being so popular right now, there’s plenty of awesome finds on sites like society6, Modcloth, or sprinkled through home décor & fabric stores near you. (And there’s always DIY dollar store hacks if you’re feeling the creatrix within!) Envelope your own sketches of different foliage in cheap frames, or print some off the interweb so you can switch it out on a whim.


Put that spice cabinet on display! Real herbs smell fantastic, contain loads of metaphysical energies, are packed with symbolism, and taste pretty delicious on a pizza! A pretty, practical, & magickal way of connecting with plants. (Also shameless plug: our herbal library at the shop is loaded with great stuff to get your collection started! But you can find a solid selection at your regular supermarket, too. Come back and see us when you need the weirder stuff 😉 ) Possibilities are endless with cost-effective herbal organizing options! A few strolls down the isles of your local dollar store (or the rabbit hole of Youtube) and you’ll have plenty of decorative organizing solutions that allow you to really curate your herbal display.


Bring in wooden, leafy, and floral elements to your space. There’s some beautiful wood wall art ideas online, and we definitely carry some pagan ones at the shop that (in my opinion) are very lovely and packed with meaning! Untreated natural wood furniture is another thing I’m a huge fan of!


Flower (or) tree tarot & oracle cards are another great way to pull in plant energy. Two that I have in my own collection are Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves and Botanical Inspirations by Lynn Araujo. (If you love a good vintage botany theme, BI is your deck!) Use it as a working deck for self-care, creative ideas, and insights; or frame the ones that have the specific energy you want to cultivate. *It might be worth testing this method out for herbal requirements in spellwork. Just as you would harness the specific energy of a tarot card for a spell or ritual, but in this case using a plant-themed card in place of the herb you require. Food for thought.*


Go full 80’s with fake plants. Luckily the realism has improved significantly since then! From craft shops to dollar store, and even more high-end stuff. This can be such a decorating faux pas I’ve been told (by the internet), not to mention mixed feelings about it from a Feng Shui perspective – I tend toward a more punk rock mindset for this stuff & believe if this approach gives you the feeling & essence you’re looking for, use it! Create your own fake arrangement masterpieces, just be prepared to clean them very well as dust will make that a post-apocalyptic situation quickly! But well cared for & curated fake plants may give you just the magickal edge you desire.


Clean with plant, fruit, and floral essential oils , or simply add them into a diffuser. Sit back, and smell all the smells!


5   Connect socially with others.

Being the queen of social awkwardness, this one’s a challenge for me personally – BUT – there’s amazing resources out there to encourage plant & garden education. Our town puts on Seedy Saturdays for example. These are an epic way to nurse the green thumb! Swapping seeds, attending workshops, going on herb walks, meeting other plant-loving folks – These events aren’t town-exclusive either, so search around your area if you aren’t in our magickal slice of Nova Scotia.



My Feels
My belief is the plant will be happy to have had the opportunity to grow. Green thumb or green-thumbless. Seeds are made for just this. Helping it fulfill its purpose with knowledge and compassion is worth a try. And then a second try. And a third, and fourth…you get me. Don’t give up on your green thumb if you want it! Don’t let a lack of it waiver your witchy ways! It’s not mandatory in the good rulebook because that book is subjective, takes many forms, and can be equally elusive & exclusive.


If you don’t really care to grow the real-deal thing keep in mind: Just because the plant is not literally potted or rooted in the earth, you can still collect much of its energy for comfort, magick, or simply to personalize your space and your craft.

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