Prairie Majesty Oracle Kickstarter

I was so elated when @prairiemajestyoracle shared their prototype deck of the upcoming (and currently backable on Kickstarter) Prairie Majesty Oracle with me! I’ve been playing with these 48 cards for a little over a week and have been loving my experience so far! While the final deck is supposed to be a little thicker at 350gsm with some delicious rose gold edging, I was so happy with the finish of these cards, and flipped through through them naturally, like connecting with an old friend. In fact, old friend is very much the energy, like I just reconnected with someone I knew, and we took a moment to chill and laugh in a lush field & take in the prairie landscape, when they turn to me and ask some important yet dreamy question that gets me thinking, turning over ideas in my head, getting a little introspective, as we take in the sun.This is a playful, personal deck with such imaginative images & inquiries to take inward. The animals and potent key words really give off a sense of activating something, which is always an appreciated energy in any deck for a reader (professional or solitary)!I keep running into the white-tailed deer, elk, and deer mouse whenever I’m using this deck, and I’ve loved considering the perspectives and what these family cards (in name or nature) have to share with me when I dig deeper.Thank you to @tarotadventureswithjules for knowing these would be totally up my alley!I’m hopeful to still carve out some time this holiday season for a video on this upcoming deck! In the meantime, definitely check out the Kickstarter campaign, follow their Instagram to keep up to date with the latest on this oracle project and give the creators some love! @karavenjoy & @amyputneykoenig, thank you for bringing the prairie to cardslingers!

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