The Coven Slumber Party Episode 1 | The Craft

The Coven Slumber Party | 001 | The Craft

Welcome to The Coven Slumber Party with Rae of Shop5x5 and Sarah of Calling Corners, where we break down and geek out over the witchy, magickal, and mystical media of the 80’s, 90’s, and more (and try and fill the video-store-shaped holes in our hearts)!


In this introductory episode we discuss 1996 witchy gem, The Craft.


Podcast reference links:

  3. Rachel True’s Tarot Deck:
  4. Fairuza Buys Occult Shop:
  5. Wiccan Consultant, Pat Devin:
  6. IMDb The Craft:

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Intro/Outro Music: Vibe Mountain – February

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