Month: June 2016

Harnessing the Power of Gems in your Nest

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you have an interest – if not a full-blown, sparkling affinity – for crystals & stones. Maybe you’re the person in the coffee line sorting pieces of green aventurine & citrine from loonies & toonies. Are your first instincts when a friend feels low to lend an ear and a handful of rose quartz? I’m with you!

Photo Credit Martina Osmy
Photo Credit Martina Osmy

Wearing stones in jewelry/pockets/purses as talismans while you go about your day is the simplest way of harnessing the power of those earthly – and not so earthly (looking at you, Moldavite!) treasures. Mindful use & placement of gemstones in the home is another powerful way of benefiting from their collective energies.

Crystal use in Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing energies of a space with specific arrangement) is probably the most obvious context of gemstone use in the home. I’d feel totally hypocritical discussing Feng Shui with you here, knowing my room consists of piles of magazines & books, random pieces of paper under cold cups of coffee, and sad, single socks whose matching twins are lost in that limbo universe no one can ever seem to find.

Lucky for me – and maybe you if you felt right at home with my room description – crystals don’t require Feng Shui or matching pairs of socks to do their thing. They just require some TLC in the form of cleansing, charging, and attention. Just like wearing certain stones is beneficial to certain emotions & thoughts, certain stones can have harmonizing affects to when put in certain rooms.

Here are some suggestions to jumpstart your domestic crystal creativity!

Home Interior
A combination of black tourmaline & selenite/or clear quartz is a potent energetic grid. Placing this combo in each of the four main corners of your home is an excellent way to maintain positive energy and keep out negativity. Always be cautions of curious pets or little fingers that might discover these stones. Placing them in hanging sachets or on a high surface might remedy this.

Placing tumbled stones in houseplants is a subtle way of harnessing crystal energy in the home. The plant’s soil keeps the crystal cleansed, and you get the benefit of the plant & stone properties working together.

Your home stones can be collected up and cleansed with different cleanings techniques, however a sage smudging does the trick without having to move them from their designated spots.

Tranquil and grounding. This is a place to recharge by yourself, or maybe connect with a partner. Depending on what energies you want to bring to that space and nurture there, look for stones with corresponding properties. Amethyst is an excellent stone for sleep & dreams, and pink mangano calcite can get your relaxed and aid in restful nights. Or spice the place up with some citrine, orange calcite, or garnet. Decorative, clear vases can really make the beautiful & natural colour of these stones look like candy. Perhaps some bookends made of large specimens, or a terrarium might be more your taste. Not sure why, but if you wanted to hide them, gridding the room in the four corners or fixing one to the top of the door trim works great!

This one probably seems obvious, anything cleansing & water-related works best in this space! Aqua marine, ocean jasper, ammonite, labradorite, clear quartz orshungite can all aid in feeling clean and washing away what is no longer serving you. Clustered in a seashell or soap dish, on a windowsill, in the corners of the bathtub, and (depending on the porous & hardness of the stones) even in the bathwater!

The heartbeat of the home. Its warmth can spread through the rest of your house, occasionally setting off the smoke alarm! No pun intended, smoky quartz is an ideal choice for this space. Zeolite is said to help with unwanted cooking odors. Carnelianprovides warmth. Ruby zoisite is great for inspiration (for the cook or baker in the family). Larger specimens can double as decoration pieces, and small tumbled stones can be placed alone, in decorative bowls together, or on windowsills – be mindful of sun exposure as some will fade with sunlight.

Petrified Wood harnesses practicality to help get things done! Fluorite is a go-to for studying, or other concentration-based tasks. Desert rose has strong connections to business, success, and visualizing outcomes. Sunstone infuses power into professional situations inspires project undertaking. Shugite is an excellent addition if your space has a lot of electronics, as it is said to combat electro-smog. Single specimens can be placed in files, in desk drawers, as decoration pieces, or by electronics.

Living Room
Often the room you walk into upon entering a home or apartment, why not use the energy in this room to set the tone for what you want to inspire! Chrysocolla is known to push negativity from the home, and enhancing loving dialogue between people. Emerald and its connections to the heart promote domestic bliss. Quartz clusters aid general healing and connecting people together. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall suggests charging each point on a cluster with a specific person in the household to further enrich bonds.  Moss agate is an excellent choice to help with stress relief.

Energy worker and mystic author, Tess Whitehurst also suggests using gem essences for the home. These often-drinkable elixirs can be a DIY project combining safe and hard crystals with drinking water, effectively infusing the water with the properties of the stones used. In her book Magical Housekeeping, Whitehurst suggests using these elixirs in spray bottles as room spritzes. With the aid of the sun and moon for charging and cleansing, this is an easy and effective alternative to purchasing larger or clustered stones for different rooms.