Month: August 2015

My Pendulum Story & New Dowsing Tools!

I was at a very strange point in my life when I first walked into a metaphysical shop and purchased a gemstone pendulum. Feeling much like a snake unwillingly shedding its skin, I was doing all I could to keep it glued and taped on. A snake version of Leatherface! I’m being completely figurative, but still an ugly sight.


I looked at the pointed piece of lepidolite (a stone of transition, though I didn’t know at the time), hanging on a delicate silver chain and thought, “You’re pretty, maybe you have all the answers I’m looking for to make sense of things!” A lot of pressure for a little stone.


That was my introduction to pendulums. While I moved through my stuff, onto a new chapter, I kept my pendulum. It’s been along for the whole ride, though I don’t use it often. Since that time, I’ve learned many people are introduced to their first pendulum in times of transition.


Pendulums hold so much energy and can almost speak to you like friend over coffee. And like a friend, can offer some solid advice and healing. This only really scratches the surface of the power of pendulums.