Fin-tastic Jaws-Theme Tarot Spread


A shark fan since childhood, summer and sharks are synonymous in my mind. Jaws is a family classic, and quotes from the film have made the rounds in our household as long as I can remember! After a recent screening of the 1975 classic at one of my favorite local coffee shops, I was feeling inspired and wanted to have a bit of fun!


For me, the tarot is an esoteric aspect of the human experience, a spiritual tool for self-development, an academic pursuit, and often a place I love to channel some lighthearted messages & get creative!


I’ve enjoyed combining two of my loves here for you as an aid in drawing out some helpful insights for dealing with overwhelming situations you find yourself in – that have you feeling like you’re treading water.

If you want to work with this spread using different possible actions for the same situation: Consider working through the spread a few times drawing new cards for places 2 – 6 while keeping the same card 1. More than anything this is a safe space to play with possibilities!




Love sharks? Check out the links below for shark awareness, education, and conservation:


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White Shark Conservation

Shark Siders


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